What Matters More? Size Or Location?

What Matters More? Size Or Location?

Size Or Location?

Different people have different preferences when it comes to real estate. Some people prefer a house which is located on the quieter side of the town, while some people prefer homes which are on the busier side.

Some people prefer large houses because they have a large family and then some just love big houses for the space. Whereas, some people are comfortable in a cute and small space.

So before buying a house, what should matter more? How big or small the house is, or where it is located? Both of these factors are necessary when it comes to buying a house but among these two options, what you may choose, depends on your own needs.

Realtors will always recommend going towards a home that is based on your needs and affordability, but if there are families who are growing or downsizing, then they might need to sacrifice the ‘best’ location, and settle for somewhere that fits their needs appropriately. An interested home buyer may consider the following things before they buy a home:

The size of a house is important, if:

A) The owners plan to start or grow a family:

Many people wait for the right time to start a family. That right time may be when they are able to afford a bigger house. If people are planning to start or grow a family, then they are going to need a bigger house. The location might not be ideal here. However, they will get a house which will fit their big or small family.

B) The owner already has a huge family:

There comes a time in people’s lives when they have to make certain changes to their lifestyle. This is especially true for people who have 3 or more children.

When they see that their children are growing up and living in a two-bedroom house is not ideal anymore, they will need to move to a house that is bigger. They might also look for schools and shopping close by.

C) When people are downsizing:

People may not notice it until they see the empty rooms in their houses, but sometimes they need smaller houses. For example, children have finally reached the age where they need to leave their house to go to college for a few years.

Then there is no point in keeping a house that has four bedrooms. After all, maintenance is very expensive too. A beautiful, two bedroom house would do perfectly well.

The location of a house is important, if:

A) The buyer plans to give the house on rent:

If the owners buy a home with the intention that they are going to rent it out, then location matters. After all, it is an investment for them, and they want to choose a house that will profit them the most. Since many people prefer nice locations, they would be willing to pay a higher rent for it.

B) The buyer wants a house closer to his workplace:

The daily commute can be a problem for people if they live in a busy city. Regardless of whether they have a car or they travel through other means. They are bound to get caught up in the traffic.

Interested buyers who are looking for a way out of this traffic problem may consider getting a house that is located near to their workplace. Sure, finding such a house would be time-consuming and may cost a bit, but at least they will reach their workplace in time.

C) The buyer plans to sell a home eventually:

Once again, buying a house will be an investment for people who are planning to sell a home after living in it for a while. They want to get a healthy profit and to make sure the resale value of the house is strong, and then they might need to consider the location of the house.

If you are interested in getting more information about home prices in your area, or possibly buying or selling a home, we recommend you consult with a professional Realtor local to the area.  

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