7 Considerations When Restoring a Historic Home

Historic Home

Restoring a historic home can be a very daunting task. From simple renovations to preserving historical and architectural details, everything should be thought out. However, if you’re new to owning a historic home, chances are you will be shocked at just how much research you can do on your own to bring your home back to its former beauty. There are a few things to consider when restoring a historic home.

Consider Hiring a Licensed Restoration Contractor

When you start a restoration project, it is easy to simply hire someone to do the work for you. But, before you start any major restorations, it is important to find an expert to inspect the house and check for structural problems that might affect the stability of the house. A qualified restoration contractor should be familiar with historical house appraisal data as well as having experience working with historic houses. Restoration contractors are well-versed in the details of the renovation process and you can rest assured that your renovation will not only be completed on time, but it will also be safe and effective.

In most cases, a licensed restoration contractor will be required to obtain a permit from the local government before restoring any historical home. The permitting process varies from city to city, state to state and even sometimes from county to county. These professionals will work closely with their city, state, or county counterparts to determine the scope of the work and the exact regulations that must be followed in the process. This is why it is important to review the guidelines prior to beginning any project.

Consider the Structure of Your Historic Home

How do you plan on keeping the period features of the house such as the porch, the interior foyer, or the exterior fireplace? How are you going to make these features functional in the modern day? How will you preserve the period charm that has been enjoyed by the house throughout its long history? For example, if the original house had a garden, what would you do to ensure its continued beauty after the renovation? Talk to a trusted real estate agent to obtain additional information on the structure of your home and its history.

Consider the Age and Condition of Your Historic Home

Oftentimes, houses that were once used as a summer home for affluent families are still in fairly good condition. However, older houses are often filled with antiques and period furnishings that have seen better days. There can only be so much restoration that can be done depending on the age and condition of the historic home. You do not want to cause any further damage if the house is already at an extremely old age. On the other hand, older historic homes are great real estate investment projects and, with the help of a real estate agent and restoration expert, certain restorations can be made beautifully.

Review the Building Regulations In Your Area

Each town and county have different rules and regulations when it comes to home renovations. Be sure that you completely understand all of the restrictions that will be placed on the renovation project. If you are working with a licensed professional, he will be able to inform you of the applicable laws and regulations. When it comes to historical houses, your permit is most likely required before construction can even begin.

Research the Local History

After making all of the above considerations, your renovation expert should be able to give you some background information about the historical home you are restoring. He or she should be able to tell you what it was like during different seasons, who lived in the house, and whether or not there were pet dogs or cats living in the house. If there are artifacts in the house, your restorer should be able to tell you what they are.

Consider the Architectural Style of Your Historic Home

The renovation of a historical house can differ significantly from one house to the next. This is especially true when it comes to floor plans and windows. If you are restoring a historic property, you may even want to consult with a local architect to help you determine the best way to restore the property. The architect will have experience with the historical home and can help you figure out the best ways to preserve the integrity of the building while changing the look and feel of the house to fit its surroundings.

Prepare For Unexpected Expenses

Any time you are restoring a historic home, you are going to encounter unexpected costs. Such costs might include hiring a contractor to rebuild parts of the house, repairing or replacing plumbing or electrical systems, or even remodeling the interior or exterior of the house. If the cost of a renovation is greater than the amount of money you borrowed for the project, you could run into trouble before completing the project. Do your homework ahead of time and get estimates from several contractors. This will prevent you from falling into this trap.


When it comes to restoring a historic home, many homeowners do not realize the huge benefits that come with restoring your historic home once you consider everything you need to before you start. Restoring a home to its pre-historical value requires years of research and hard work, and many homeowners are unsure about what steps to take first. Make sure you do research online to double check all rules and regulations for your area. Do not be afraid to call a historic home restoration professional and ask questions about starting your home restoration journey.

What are the Most Cost Effective Home Weatherization Projects?

Home Weatherization Projects

With global warming being such a big issue, many homeowners are finding that their home is not adequately protected from the harmful effects of climate change. Increasingly, homes that were built during the last two decades or so will need some kind of home weatherization assistance. While it may sound difficult, there are ways to weatherize a home efficiently and effectively with a low cost investment in materials and labor. You don’t need to have a degree in structural engineering to know how to set up your home for weatherization.  This may mean upgrading your home insulation or adding someplace to insulate your home (i.e. basement walls). But even if you’re only dealing with some basic home weatherization issues, it’s still good to know what home weatherization projects are the most cost effective.

Home Weatherization Assistance Program

The Home Weatherization Assistance Program offers many home improvement and energy reduction services that can be eligible for this assistance program based on income and home ownership status. Some of the services include; home insulation, attic ventilation, and floor heating. In addition, the program offers services such as home weatherization assistance, weatherization tests, and green building education, as well as low-cost home repair and maintenance.

Home Weatherization Projects

Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Closed cell foam insulation offers a number of advantages over other types including traditional home weatherization methods and techniques. The main advantage is that this insulation is made up of small, tightly-woven cells that do not permit air to pass through. Because of this, it is less likely to warm up rapidly and makes for a better energy efficiency rating than many other products.

In order to make your home weatherized and perform well both you and your contractor or builder need to decide on which type of weatherization suits your home best. There are many weatherization options and it will depend on the type of home you have as to what the best weatherization option for you will be. If your home is not already built with internal and external insulation then you will need to have this done professionally during your home weatherization process. This can be done in one or both of two ways: either by having a new cavity filled with insulation or by having an existing space filled with insulation. There are pros and cons to both methods.

Home Weatherization Projects

Windows are Easy Home Weatherization Projects

Windows and doors are often the first thing that homeowners look for when considering weatherizing their homes. Air leaks are common around windows because there is nothing to stop the warm air from leaving during the summer and allowing cool air to enter during the winter. There are simple solutions to this problem. You can purchase inexpensive plastic sealant that can be applied around the window and sliding door. If you do not already have energy efficient windows, it’s wise to invest in them now while they are still affordable and use weather stripping to repair any gaps or leaks.

Home Weatherization Projects

Energy Efficiency Appliances are Crucial Home Weatherization Projects

Energy efficiency appliances are a vital component of a complete home weatherization plan and are a creative addition to a home. By replacing old inefficient, leaky appliances with energy-efficient models, you can pay down on your energy bills and improve your overall quality of life. From there, you can install new insulation for greater temperature control, seal windows and doors to prevent cold air from getting out of your house and lowering your utility bills. New floor coverings, including carpet and tiles, will also keep your house warm and dry. Replacing dated, drafty windows with modern, energy-efficient windows will cut your energy bills by up to 20 percent.

Home Weatherization Projects


Many times, these projects cost less than you would ever expect, if you plan ahead. For example, replacing the heating and cooling unit with a model that takes less energy to run, and requires less power to cool your home during the summer months. These projects are cost effective, not only in the money that you will save, but in the energy that you will be saving and contributing to the environment. On top of being cost effective, home weatherization projects will help you sell your home faster or create the energy efficient home of your dreams!

Choosing the Right Real Estate Company For Your New Home

Choosing the Right Real Estate Company For Your Home

Working with a professional home real estate company is very important for first time home buyers. The reason for this is that a bad real estate company can cost you money that you do not need to spend. While working with a home real estate company, there are many things you can do in order to ensure that you get the best services possible. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure you get the best home real estate services around.

Research Real Estate Companies

One thing you can do is research which real estate company you will be working with. You can look online or in your local yellow pages to find out what real estate companies are in your area. There are also many ways to research real estate companies. You can ask friends and family who had bought homes in the past. This is a great way to get a real feel for what you can expect from any given real estate company.

Ask Your Real Estate Company Questions

Once you have found a few real estate companies that seem to meet your needs, you should ask each of them questions. This is a necessary step in ensuring that you are buying a home you want. One of the most important questions you should ask a real estate company is how much the home is going to cost to purchase and how much it is going to cost to maintain. Since you are a home buyer, you will have to be realistic about what you can afford. The company should tell you up front and be honest about all of the costs involved.

How Does Your Real Estate Company Plan To Sell Your Home?

Another question you should ask is how they plan on selling your home. In today’s market, home buyers are looking for homes that are priced reasonably. They do not want to pay too much for a home and then have to sell it because it was overpriced. A good real estate agent will ask you what price you are willing to pay for your home so that you do not get taken advantage of.

What Incentives Does Your Real Estate Company Offer To Home Buyers?

It is also important to find out what kinds of incentives the real estate company offers to home buyers. Some companies will rebate your initial offer, if you purchase a home from them within a certain period of time. This is a great incentive, because it means you will have extra money in your pocket after purchasing the home. Realtors are also experts on the kinds of homes that sell the quickest. You should look for one that offers fast selling properties.


When you work with a real estate company, you will want to make sure that you are completely knowledgeable about everything about the home you want to buy. You should ask the agents about all of the specifics of the home so that you can make an informed decision. Working with an experienced real estate company can help you buy the home you need without going into debt. You should feel comfortable with all of the agents and staff of the company you work with and you can trust them to get you the home you want.

Commercial Real Estate Investing Options

Commercial Real Estate Investing Options

Commercial Real Estate

The term commercial real estate refers to any real property used for commercial activities. This can be land, buildings, underground mineral deposits, mines, quarries, etc. Commercial real estate, also known as investment property or income property, is the property intended to make a profit, either through rental revenue or capital gains.

What is Commercial Property Used For?

Commercial property has many uses. It is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors in commercial real estate today. Real estate developers use commercial real estate for office space, retail space, manufacturing, hotels, industrial buildings, warehouses, mobile homes, car dealerships, industrial parks, shopping centers, and a variety of other uses. In short, commercial real estate developers use commercial real estate to make money. And the only way they make money is by leasing or renting their properties to tenants. Leasing and renting are the two main sources of making money in commercial real estate.

Benefits VS Risks

The biggest benefit of investing in commercial real estate is that there are very few risks involved. Unlike residential properties, the risks associated with investing in residential properties are limited to the tenants in the building. There are usually no tenants to worry about in industrial buildings. There are some risks inherent in all types of investments, but because of the risks involved with investing in commercial real estate, the returns can be much higher than they would be in other types of investments. In the stock market, where the risks of investing are much higher than in commercial real estate, the returns can still be very lucrative.

Even though the risk factor for investing in commercial properties is relatively low, there are still many investors who choose this avenue for investment. Commercial properties are appealing to investors due to their considerable amount of potential cash flows. When an investor leases or rents a commercial property, he receives a significant amount of money up front as a start-up capital cost. This allows the investor to make a substantial return on his initial investment relatively quickly.

Because of the significant amount of potential cash flow, commercial properties are attractive to other investors for several different reasons. First, investors will typically be able to purchase commercial properties at a discount when compared to their purchase price. This will allow the investor to make a large profit on his investment very quickly. Investors also have the opportunity to receive tax benefits from their investment when it is leased or rented out. Lastly, when an investment in commercial real estate yields a substantial profit within a relatively short period of time, it is often considered a good financial move by investors because it is a much more stable investment than most other types of investments.

Seek Out Tenants

In order to gain the greatest amount of rental income, it is important to find commercial properties that have plenty of renters. In order to find such tenants, it is helpful if the business owner has a good credit rating and has successfully marketed residential properties in the area. This will help to ensure that tenants will be willing to rent the building as a result of the business owner’s good reputation. In some cases, it may even be necessary to seek out qualified tenants in order to ensure that the business owner receives rent income and does not suffer a loss when there are problems with the building. It is also recommended to hire a dependable roofing contractor so that the business owner does not suffer enormously when there are roofing issues. In order to locate those qualified tenants, it can be beneficial to enlist the services of a leasing agent.

Real Estate Agents: What You Should Know Before Starting Your Career

What You Should Know Before Starting Your Career

What You Should Know Before Starting

A real estate agent, realtor or brokerage firm is a person who acts as a representative of buyers or sellers of property in a specific real estate transaction. An agent can act on behalf of the buyer or seller but usually works closely with a licensed real estate brokerage under a larger broker network.

This network consists of licensed sales agents, title companies, mortgage brokers and other associated professionals who are all registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Most states do not require that agents wear a uniform, but the best agents are those who are dressed accordingly.

Real estate agents work by looking for a property that is for sale or for rent. They are hired by either the buyer or the seller, depending on their agreement. The process begins when a buyer or a seller approaches real estate agents for a property that they want to buy or sell.

Choosing an Agent

If they choose to go through an agent, they inform the agent that they are the buyer or seller and provide the agents with all of the required information needed to make an informed decision about the property. Once the paperwork is filled out and signed, the agent will then discuss it with the client to see if they are interested in purchasing the property.

Real estate agents make every effort to show homes to both buyers and sellers that are qualified to purchase it. They also try to locate properties on their own that may be of interest to either or both buyers and sellers.

After viewing the property, real estate agents will evaluate it, for in stance these Pooler, GA homes for sale, usually using a checklist that includes the size of the property, what it is selling for and any minor repairs or improvements that need to be made before listing it for sale or for rent. They will look to see if the home has had any recent activity done to it, such as repainting, and will check to see if the home meets the neighborhood’s “mood.”

The real estate agents will also examine the location of the property and its proximity to public schools, colleges, businesses and other businesses that the buyer or seller might want to consider. An interesting area to look at is the Pooler, GA

In order to become realtors, states require that you have your state license or certificate and pass the National Association of Realtors (NAR) examination.

Online Assets

There are also online tests available for people who are not licensed as realtors in their states. Passing the examination and becoming a real estate agent is not difficult, but it does take time and effort. Most states require that you attend a minimum number of classes as well as participating in a certification exam before you can legally take the exam to become a realtor.

To save time during the real estate transaction, most agents will use a dual agency agreement with the buyer and seller. A dual agency agreement is a legal document that allows the buyer to list the property as the seller and the agent as a buyer.

This saves both the agent and the buyer time, money, and headaches. When you use a dual agency agreement, you are also protecting the rights of the buyer by giving him or her the authority to list the property as the seller and the agent has the right to oversee the property if anything should happen to the property while the agent is handling the buyer’s property.

An Exciting Field

Becoming a realtor is an exciting and rewarding career. It is important that real estate agents maintain a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Real estate agents must always put the buyers first whenever a real estate transaction is involved.

Real estate agents must understand the processes involved in a real estate transaction, so that the buyers and sellers do not have problems later on. Choosing to become a realtor will give you the opportunity to work in an exciting field.


Do You Need Money to Get Into Real Estate?

Do You Need Money to Get Into Real Estate

Getting Into Real Estate

If you want to get into real estate, you may be looking at how much money you need to get started. When it comes to putting up a house, there are a number of things you will need money for. This can include everything from the down payment to the utilities. Here’s a look at some ways you can pay for them.

  • First, you should think about how much you have saved. This is important when you are figuring out how much you can spend on real estate. Usually, the larger the amount of money you have saved, the more you can get into real estate without hurting your savings.
  • Second, figure out how much you would like to spend. There is an idea floating around that you should fix up and buy a new home. While this is definitely something you should consider, it’s not necessary for getting into real estate. If you currently have a house that needs work, then you can save that money to put towards a new home. It doesn’t matter if you still live in the home as long as you are paying for it every month.
  • Third, think about the value of your house. Once you know how much money you can spend, you can figure out what the property is worth. If you are only looking to borrow a thousand dollars, then you can start by just looking for houses in your neighborhood that are currently up for sale. You can compare them to your own home to see how much they are worth. This can be very helpful when you are getting funding for your loan because you will be able to tell if the offer is close to what you can afford.

How Much Money Do You Need?

Getting into real estate isn’t going to be easy, but it can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. You need to make sure that you always have some money in the bank because you never know when you’re going to need it. For instance buying a condo can have a lot of HOA fees that you will have to take into consideration

Getting a loan is a big step, but it can be very helpful when you are trying to get money for other things. Make sure that you figure out how much money do you need to get into real estate before you try to get funding. This will ensure that you don’t end up losing your house or apartment.


The Importance of Marketing When Selling a Home

Marketing When Selling a Home

Comprehensive Marketing When Selling a Home

When you are selling your home you’ll want to hire a real estate agent that has a comprehensive marketing program. Exposing your home to every possible prospective buyer is critical. Many real estate agents have a marketing presentation that they do for their prospective clients. Ask the agents that you are interviewing or the agent you hire to email you or give you a copy of their marketing program in writing.

The Local Multiple Listing System

Most real estate agents belong to their local multiple listing system (MLS.) It’s a good idea to ask your agent to be sure. Having your listing in the local MLS is crucial. Some multiple listing systems have tens of thousands of real estate agent members. It’s not very common for your real estate agent to also have the buyer for your home. Most of the time another agent from another real estate company has the buyer for your home. When your listing is in the MLS all of the agent members have access to it. They can show your listing to their buyers and schedule an appointment to show them your home.

Professional Quality Listing Photos

Having professional-quality photos of your house is extremely important. These photos will go in the MLS and online where over 90% of buyers will see your home for the first time. Ask your real estate agent if they hire a real estate photography company to take the listing photos or if they take the photos themselves. If your agent takes the photos herself and has a professional camera and a wide lens, the photos should be of good quality. Some agents get training and know the best camera settings for real estate photos.

A Yard Sign

It’s important to have a for sale sign in your yard. You never know if there’s a neighbor who has a family member or friend interested in moving to your subdivision or neighborhood. Also, some buyers will drive around areas that they are interested in to see if there are any for sale signs. Sometimes people drive around looking for open houses, as well. If they see your for sale sign and like the looks of your house from the outside, they can call your agent from the phone number on the sign or give their agent the address to get more information about your house.

Flyers and Brochures

Many real estate brokers have a flyer or brochure created with photos of your home and highlights of your home on it. It’s wise to have these flyers or brochures in your house for buyers and their agents to pick up during showings. When buyers are looking at houses they might see quite a few if they spend the day with their agent looking. Having a brochure with photos on it for them to take will remind them of your home. Seeing the photos again might get them excited about your home. Some agents also have a brochure box attached to the sign in the yard so people driving or walking by can take a flyer.

The Internet

The internet is the number one and most important place to market and expose your listing to potential buyers. Well over 90% of buyers look on the internet for homes before they go out and see them in person with their agent. Some of the top real estate websites are Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, and Homes.com.  Although it is not so widely known that in some areas, Zillow is not as accurate as a local real estate agents website, because of the lack of MLS access.

Quite a few real estate websites will upload your listing from the MLS so your house will be on many websites. It’s best to have this maximum internet exposure. Some websites will just have the front photo of your home on them. Some will have many photos on them, which is even better.

Open Houses

Some real estate agents host one or a few open houses for their listings. Some don’t host them at all. A small percentage of home sales comes from open houses. However, it is still one way that the buyer for your home could come walking through your door. Many times nosey neighbors will come through your open house to see what it looks like compared to theirs. This is especially true if they are thinking of selling their house or if they currently have it listed.

Broker Tours

Some real estate agents host a broker tour, especially when the house is new to the market. They can advertise this in their MLS and send out emails to other agents in their office and in the area. Sometimes they provide and serve a catered lunch and sometimes they don’t serve any food. If your agent has a broker tour as part of their marketing program, talk to her about the type of broker tour you are most comfortable with.

Broker Tours


Another marketing idea is postcards. Your broker can create postcards to send to your neighborhood announcing the new listing. She may also send postcards out to other neighborhoods or areas that might have a buyer for your home. For example, some agents send postcards to apartment complex tenants if their listing is a good fit for a first time homebuyer. Or they may send postcards to homes in a subdivision that has homes in the $200,000-$300,000 range if their listing is in a $400,000 and up neighborhood. Your home may appeal to someone wanting to move up to a larger and higher-priced home.

Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are popular nowadays. Your real estate agent can send your listing to other agents, other real estate offices, attorneys, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, lenders and other people in a real estate related field. You never know who might know someone on the market to buy a home like yours.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is another way to advertise your listing. It’s not as popular nowadays since the internet has taken over. However, you never know who is going to pick up a real estate book and browse through it. Print advertising may be more effective for houses that fall in a specific category such as farms, ranches, beach homes, and mountain homes.

Showing Follow-Up

Your real estate agent should have a system in place for following up with agents who show your home. Some agents pay a showing company for the service of taking care of scheduling appointments and follow-up for them. It’s important to know what buyers are saying about your home. It also gives your agent another reason to get your listing in front of the agents that have shown it. It’s a good idea to remind them about your home. There may be a price drop, or a new upgrade in your home that is worth telling the agents about. This is an important piece of the marketing program.

It’s important to talk to your real estate agent about their marketing program. Some of the aforementioned marketing ideas may not be included in a real estate agent’s marketing portfolio. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to include something they don’t automatically offer if there is something specifically important to you. Your real estate agent should do everything possible to sell your home for the most money, in the least amount of time, and with the least amount of stress to you.

What Matters More? Size Or Location?

What Matters More? Size Or Location?

Size Or Location?

Different people have different preferences when it comes to real estate. Some people prefer a house which is located on the quieter side of the town, while some people prefer homes which are on the busier side.

Some people prefer large houses because they have a large family and then some just love big houses for the space. Whereas, some people are comfortable in a cute and small space.

So before buying a house, what should matter more? How big or small the house is, or where it is located? Both of these factors are necessary when it comes to buying a house but among these two options, what you may choose, depends on your own needs.

Realtors will always recommend going towards a home that is based on your needs and affordability, but if there are families who are growing or downsizing, then they might need to sacrifice the ‘best’ location, and settle for somewhere that fits their needs appropriately. An interested home buyer may consider the following things before they buy a home:

The size of a house is important, if:

A) The owners plan to start or grow a family:

Many people wait for the right time to start a family. That right time may be when they are able to afford a bigger house. If people are planning to start or grow a family, then they are going to need a bigger house. The location might not be ideal here. However, they will get a house which will fit their big or small family.

B) The owner already has a huge family:

There comes a time in people’s lives when they have to make certain changes to their lifestyle. This is especially true for people who have 3 or more children.

When they see that their children are growing up and living in a two-bedroom house is not ideal anymore, they will need to move to a house that is bigger. They might also look for schools and shopping close by.

C) When people are downsizing:

People may not notice it until they see the empty rooms in their houses, but sometimes they need smaller houses. For example, children have finally reached the age where they need to leave their house to go to college for a few years.

Then there is no point in keeping a house that has four bedrooms. After all, maintenance is very expensive too. A beautiful, two bedroom house would do perfectly well.

The location of a house is important, if:

A) The buyer plans to give the house on rent:

If the owners buy a home with the intention that they are going to rent it out, then location matters. After all, it is an investment for them, and they want to choose a house that will profit them the most. Since many people prefer nice locations, they would be willing to pay a higher rent for it.

B) The buyer wants a house closer to his workplace:

The daily commute can be a problem for people if they live in a busy city. Regardless of whether they have a car or they travel through other means. They are bound to get caught up in the traffic.

Interested buyers who are looking for a way out of this traffic problem may consider getting a house that is located near to their workplace. Sure, finding such a house would be time-consuming and may cost a bit, but at least they will reach their workplace in time.

C) The buyer plans to sell a home eventually:

Once again, buying a house will be an investment for people who are planning to sell a home after living in it for a while. They want to get a healthy profit and to make sure the resale value of the house is strong, and then they might need to consider the location of the house.

If you are interested in getting more information about home prices in your area, or possibly buying or selling a home, we recommend you consult with a professional Realtor local to the area.  


Ideas For Creative Additions For Your Home

Creative Additions For Your Home

Creative Rooms to Add to a Home

In today’s world, real estate is readily available. That doesn’t mean, however, that every house will come equipped with exactly everything the buyer wants. The good news is that this guide for first-time home buyers can help them find a home and then change it to suit all of their desires…no matter how crazy those desires may be.

In fact, more and more people are equipping their homes with all kinds of interesting and creative additions to truly make them their own.

Indoor Swimming Pools

It is not at all uncommon for a home to come equipped with a swimming pool. In fact, a pool can be a real bonus when attempting to sell a home.

And, while most swimming pools are on the outside of a home, some luxury homeowners have taken to adding them indoors. They will take a whole room, give it proper walls and flooring, and then have a large indoor pool, often heated, put in.

While this definitely isn’t a cheap undertaking, it’s a great way to get in exercise year-round and to swim in complete privacy!

Home Gyms

Many people have treadmills and other exercise equipment in their homes. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to devote an entire room or rooms to home fitness.

Homeowners can line the walls with mirrors and put in a ballet barre to create a dance studio feel. Or, they can equip the room with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Indoor yoga studios are popular as well.

Some people may even wish to equip their gyms with lots of floor space to host indoor exercise classes. The possibilities are truly endless for today’s homeowners.

Home Bars

For those who love the nightlife but who hate the crowds and hassle involved in going out on the town, a home bar is a perfect solution.

Homeowners can change any large room into a bar. Creative use of counters and a fully-stocked liquor cabinet help add to the atmosphere. Pool tables and jukeboxes are also a fun way to liven up a home bar.

Once the room is complete, all the homeowner has to do is invite over favorite friends and then relax and enjoy the feel of going out on the town…without actually going anywhere.

Home Spas

Who doesn’t like to feel beautiful? Homeowners who truly cherish pampering themselves have been known to add in full spas to their homes.

These might include stations for manicures and pedicures, massage tables, and comfortable lounging seats for getting facial treatments.

Of course, all of this requires hiring staff to come in and do the pampering, but it’s definitely worth it to relax and unwind in the comfort of one’s own home.

While not everyone is going to get quite as extravagant as the examples presented here, everyone does deserve to make their home a dream home. So, when looking at homes, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. Also, remember that you have the power to change any room into something totally new and different, so dream big!

Selling Your Home Faster

Paying Higher Commissions To sell Fast

People occasionally sell their property to prospective buyers who are looking to own new properties in a specific geographical area. However, the selling cycle has proven to be a tedious process that may cost much time and money while still find it difficult to get a buyer.

Home sellers have resulted in the services of a realtor who will act on their behalf on the whole process until it is completed. However, it is required that you pay a higher commission to your agent so that your home can be sold faster. The following are some of the reasons justifying higher commissions to your property seller.

• Property Appraisal

Before any home can be sold, an appraisal of the whole property must be done to ascertain the actual market value. This is usually done to prevent a situation where you might have formulated a selling price that is below market value leading you to losses or an amount that is higher than the market price which could cause difficulties in getting a buyer.

With home prices on the rise across the U.S., your agent will evaluate a fair price in consultation with property appraisers. Within a short period of time, he or she will use their extensive network and your home will soon be listed for sale.

• Property Listing

A highly motivated realtor will take the professional photos for your homes, including all the sides and the flower gardens so that he can portray your property in excellent condition as compared to other properties for sale in the same region. Moreover, the photos will be taken in a 3D so that potential buyers can have a clear picture of your house.

The seller will be working hard to ensure that the house attracts buyers within a short period so that he or she can start enjoying the higher commission that he will receive after the sale of the property.

• Giving Your Home Priorities

It is essential for you to learn that the real estate agent has a large list of other homes they are selling on behalf of other people. The law of nature will apply in this scenario such that the person who pays a higher commission gets added advantages such as giving your home a priority.

Agents will take buyers to your house first before they can take them to other properties on their list. They will tend to act as if your home is one of the best properties they have by giving it the publicity it deserves. It will also be included in the ‘first moving’ list.

• Extensive Networking

Home selling agents have a large network with other professionals working in the same or related industries. They also have the contacts of those people who want to buy a home.

In any chance you promise to give a higher commission, they will contact home buying agents and any other person who wants to buy a home such that your property will attract huge attention in a shorter period.

Among the agents and people contacted, a prospective buyer could emerge and offer a bid that is consistent with your property valuation. You could end up selling your estate in a span of a few weeks.

• Preparing Your Home for Sale

It is in the public domain that people tend to sell those properties that they are not using or when they want to move to another location. This means that the house for sale might not be in the right conditions such as untrimmed grass, broken parts not repaired or replaced, and bad maintenance of the overall property.

A real estate agent who has been promised higher commission will conduct property face lifting activities such as painting, trimming grass lawns, and repairing broken parts of the home. He or She will ensure that your house captures the imagination of prospective buyers and in no time, your home will get a new suitor.

Research studies have shown that well-maintained properties are likely to reach buyers at a shorter period as compared to poorly maintained properties.

• Extensive Marketing

Your agent must find out potential buyers for your property in the market where many people are selling their properties. This means that only an aggressive marketing strategy can be used to find a buyer within a short period.

A seller who will get a higher compensation for selling the home will use all the possible marketing channels to ensure that the property receives a buyer within a short time.

He or She will use his company website, social media platforms, and can even go further to higher the services of mainstream media to ensure that the property gets a buyer within the shortest time possible. Paying higher commission encourages your agent to be aggressive in advertising and marketing your home.

• Price Negotiation

Negotiating the best price of the property has been known to be one of the factors that cause home sellers to stay for more extended periods before their properties get a buyer. The prospective buyer is focused on getting the property at the lowest price possible while you are bargaining for the best price of your property.

This might take ages unless you chose to pay your agent a good commission. Once the person selling your property is aware that they will receive a proportion of the amount the property will get, he or she will conduct a speedy process that ensures you get a good return for your property and there for gets a higher commission.

• Closing the Deal

This is the final stage that focuses on transferring the property to the potential buyer. At this stage, prices have already been agreed, and the buyer is required to deposit money in the seller’s account pending the transfer of the property.

However, this is a legal process that is very tiresome and time-consuming, especially in situations where the concerned parties don’t have a legal background in property transfer.

However, an agent who has been paid higher commissions is aware of attorneys who can aid in property transfer because they work in the same industry. He will need to call him, and the deal will be concluded seamlessly within a short period and without challenges.

A real estate agent has witnessed thousands of property transfer which means that he has the necessary knowledge and experience in transferring your property to the new owner immediately.

You might find it hard to pay a property agent higher commission because you think he has no part to play in the sale of your property. Some people have even gone further to sell their homes so that they can save the commission that would have been paid to the agent.

They have ended up staying with their properties for larger periods without finding a buyer, what has caused their properties to reduce in value. It is necessary to pay your property agent higher commission if you want your home to be sold within a short period.