7 Tips for How To Pass The Real Estate Exam

7 Tips How To Pass The Real Estate Exam

If you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent, then one of the first steps to launching your career as an agent or broker is to pass the real estate exam in your state. This step is essential, regardless of whether you are a good or poor test-taker.

You may now be asking, “How difficult is the real estate exam?”. The answer will depend on how much you prepare for it.

It is difficult to pass the real estate exam. However, it is possible with proper preparation. To get your real estate license, you need to pass the state exam as a broker or agent. It is important to prepare properly.

The Real Estate Exam

Is the real estate exam hard? Before we get into test preparation tips, let’s first look at the difficulty of the real estate exam.

Real estate exams are difficult and are meant to be passed to eliminate people who aren’t going to be skilled agents.

Although the pass rate will vary depending on which state you take, it is generally around 50% for all states. Only half of those who take state licensing exams pass.

This can be due to many reasons. Sometimes applicants are not good at taking tests. Sometimes applicants fail to complete a real estate education. It’s better to pass the exam than not, as there is a fee.

These tips will help to overcome the challenges and get you through the exam.

1. Learn Pre Licensing

It is important to take a pre-licensing class before you sign up for the realty licensing exam. Exam prep courses will teach you the exam material and tips to be a successful broker or real estate agent in your state. You will be well prepared for the broker or agent exam in your state.

I recommend finding a program to prepare you for the real estate exam in your state. Understanding the differences between the California and Michigan real estate exams is key to passing them both is the key to success.

As long as the state-specific course is not offered, an online real estate school may be an option. If you have a need for it, you can take a real estate class online.

real estate exam

2. You can take a practice exam (or two or three)

To help you determine if you are ready to take the real estate salesperson exam, a practice test is a great idea. This will give you an example of the questions that are asked on the exam. Make sure you have an exam that allows you to practice before you choose a pre-licensing course.

You can take the practice exam multiple times if you feel the need. You will become more confident in the actual state exam and won’t waste your money.

Take note of any questions that you encounter while practicing, and then focus your studies on those areas. You can, for example, focus your study on real estate math if you have more practice. This will increase your chances of passing your final exam.

3. Get good test-taking tips

The state exam prep course should not only cover the content but also provide advice on how to pass the exam by using better test-taking techniques. Here are some tips you might like to consider:

  • Ask questions that you already know.
  • Start by going backward and eliminating the wrong answers. Then, choose the best right answer.
  • Do not second-guess or change your answers.
  • Avoid asking difficult questions and then return to them if they are urgent.
  • You should breathe while you take the test. Low oxygen levels can cause memory problems.
  • You should read every word of the question. Sometimes, the meaning and answer of the question can be changed by small words such as “many” and “all”.

Remember that the goal is to score a passing grade, not necessarily get it right. So, answer your questions first.

4. Review the Notes

Make sure you have plenty of notes and cards to help you study for the exam. These notes can be saved to a digital card program. These note cards can be taken with you to review for the exam each second.

However, don’t let note cards stress you. You can use them to help you remember the information.

Repetition is key to learning. The more you practice, the better prepared you’ll be for the actual exam. Keep track of any difficult information you discover as you study and make note cards. Review, review, review again.

Take care of yourself

5. Take care of yourself

Make sure to get enough sleep and eat well in the days leading up to the real estate exam. Do not try to remember everything the night before or stay up late. You will not be able to pass the test no matter how well-prepared you are.

The night before the test, get a good night of sleep. This will help you pass the test more than any amount of cramming.

6. Remember, it’s not a race

This is something you won’t be taught in real estate school. However, it is important to remember that the real estate exam does not require you to race. Others will be able to complete the exam faster than you and others will take longer.

You must keep your pace to meet the time limit. However, don’t let it become a race to the finish.

7. Keep Positive

Your attitude is key to your success. Do not get caught up in details about your pre-license education or the passing rate of your state. Keep your head up and try to do your best. Your chances of succeeding are higher if you approach the test with the right attitude.

It’s okay to fail if the worst happens. If necessary, you can take the real-estate exam again. Take the time to learn from your mistakes and enroll in another course at a real-estate school.

sponsoring broker

What to do after passing the exam

Your real estate career can begin once all your hard work has paid off and you have passed your real estate exam. It can be difficult to get a career in real estate off the ground.

This is a great time to find a sponsoring broker. As an inexperienced agent, a sponsoring broker will supervise your work. They help you find clients and listings and bring brand recognition to the business.

You can continue your education after you have worked as a real estate salesperson for a while working with a sponsoring brokerage. You will soon be able to work independently as a REALTOR and without the supervision of a sponsor.

A necessary step in obtaining your real estate license is passing the real estate exam. You will be able to succeed if you take the time to study and use exam prep courses. You can always take the exam and continue the course if you have difficulty. This will consolidate what you’ve learned.

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